Easter Activities

The Easter Egg Hunt

What Easter party is complete without an Easter egg hunt? If you've never organized one, though, you might not know where to start. Here are some guidelines:
  • Ask each family to bring a dozen colored eggs. Not only will it save you from having to do all the dying yourself, but it's fun for the kids to see how other families decorate their eggs.
  • If you like, include some plastic eggs in the mix and fill them with stickers, small candy, temporary tattoos or other trinkets.
  • Some families like to hide one "golden egg." The golden egg might have a $10 bill inside, tickets to a movie theater or some other exciting prize. Find a good hiding place for the golden egg, but don't place it somewhere so difficult to find that the younger kids don't have a chance, such as up high in a tree.
  • If you have a wide range of ages represented at the party, consider holding the egg hunt in separate heats. That way the 10 year olds won't trample the 2 year olds at the starting line.
  • While the kids are distracted (perhaps while they're eating for doing a craft activity), ask some grownups to hide the eggs outside. They should "hide" some eggs in plain view for young children to easily spot and place some eggs in tricky locations to challenge the older kids.
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Easter wreath: All you need is:

1. plastic Easter eggs
2. form for the wreath base such as Styrofoam
3. hot glue gun
4. Easter riibbon

So EASY and eye catching!.